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We want to provide support for you every step of the way in order for you to be your best. Our unique and effective coaching helps facilitate greater awareness in building life-long habits to have you living a happier healthier life.
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Improve Your Life

Health and wellness optimization are at the core of my approach to helping reach your ideal self.

My view towards each individual is derived from an integrative health model with mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery as the primary focus.

Combining a science-backed approach with over 20 years experience helps me provide safe and effective coaching to guide others towards happier healthier lives.

Live a Better Life

Balance in your life makes a tremendous difference. At FittFx we'll look at optimizing lifestyle factors such as sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction with a tailored approach geared towards helping you reach your ideal outlook.

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Certified Coach

When it comes to looking for a Health and Performance Coach, experience matters. Over the past 20 years I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their health and wellness by delivering the latest science-based research and proven methods to obtain results.

A few of the credentials that help me help others include being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in addition to holding the top designation through Precision Nutrition as a Level II Nutrition Coach.

What Programs Do You Offer?

Our health/wellness coaching approach encompasses a customized approach based on the primary pillars of mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery.  We guide you throughout the process to help reach your goals.  Our most popular program is a 30 day commitment towards improving your health.  We also offer individual sessions to help troubleshoot/discuss strategies to help optimize your body.  Our 90 day program is truly transformational and only for those serious enough to make a commitment towards improving their health/wellness.

How does it work?

We first start with a consultation process.  This is done to determine specifics based upon your wants and needs.  From here we are able to tailor a specific plan to help optimize your health/wellness.  We offer both a 90 and 30 day programs in addition to individual sessions based upon your needs.

Will this work for everyone?

My sincere hope is that it will.  Ultimately you are in charge of your results.  However, in working together as a Team my aim is to provide guidance and support through your journey making the best recommendations based upon my 20+ years of coaching experience and science-backed research.

I specialize in meeting people where they’re at in addition to equipping my clients with having a clear defined strategy towards their path to positive outcome(s).

Free Consultation

To help provide you with the assistance you need to improve your health/wellness we’re currently offering a complimentary 20 minute consultation for those interested in improving health, performance, weight loss, etc.

Contact us at Fittfx1@gmail.com to schedule and learn more.